Malvern Forest-Beach Nature Explorers is the only programme in Hong Kong that incorporates both a beach and forest site. Led by our dedicated Level 3 Practitioner, our staff teach children to develop their language, inquiry and investigation skills while learning about the diversity of flora and fauna in the natural surroundings of our two dedicated beautiful sites. 


Malvern strongly believes that access to an outdoor environment is as important to a child’s development as a conventional classroom setting. Drawing upon the rich heritage of our parent school, Malvern College UK, Malvern places great emphasis on creating educational experiences where children learn in and from nature. The school has made Outdoor and Environmental Education one of its ‘Five Centres of Excellence’, alongside British-style Pastoral Care, Enhanced Learning, Entrepreneurial Education, and a Global Network. 


Malvern College Pre-School has been successfully running Forest-Beach School for over five years now in Hong Kong, showcasing our experience and high reputation in this area.

Our Forest-Beach School Leader is Level 3 trained and has specific qualifications in Forest School and Beach School. She also has Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid qualification.

All our staff have received professional development in the area of Forest-Beach School.

Malvern Forest-Beach Nature Explorers is the only programme in Hong Kong that incorporates both the beach and forest sites. 



Our play-based programme encourages the development of gross and fine motor skills and, in learning how to handle tools and to work on activities together, children develop their collaboration skills and build self-confidence.

By connecting with nature, children become environmentally aware, learn the importance of sustainability and how to respect and protect the natural environment. 

Being outdoors offers many health benefits too: stamina is increased, and general health and mental wellbeing are also improved.



Nature, the outdoors, and open spaces become the children’s temporary classroom, with educational sessions designed around a theme typically linked to the curriculum. Inquiry-based activities will help children learn to form and to ask questions about nature and, after each lesson, children will be keen to share what they have learnt with their families. 

Claire Jones is our experienced Forest-Beach School Leader of Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong and she holds a Level Three Diploma in Forest Schools Leadership and Level Three Award in Paediatric First Aid (RQF). Claire has led and developed Forest Schools in the United Kingdom as well as in Dubai where she has developed ‘Desert Schools’. Claire has a BED (HONS) Degree in Education (4-7-year olds) and has been a Phase Leader/ Assistant Head Teacher of UK Foundation Stage in Dubai. Claire is interested in Eco Education and enjoys art, craft, sewing, horticulture and cooking. She feels passionate about enhancing children’s experiences through outdoor learning. Claire has four children, three are grown up and attending university. She enjoys keeping fit and yoga.

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Claire Jones

Forest-Beach School Leader